Bank Loan Syndications And Debt Restructuring

If the finance flow of a business is good, most of the problems are sorted automatically. With this idea in mind, we put our best efforts to flow funds into your business either by way of low cost long term loans, working capital funds, equity investment etc. We also take the pain to understand the cost structure of your product so that no penny is wasted. After all, money saved is money earned. Our advice will cover the entire gamut of working capital management, cash flow management, ways for faster recovery of debtors, restructuring of existing loans, and much more.
Providing you with a futuristic growth plan for your business is our expertise. Sustaining growth needs a preplanned execution. So get in touch to increase your credit eligibility, reduce financial risk perceptions, increase resistance to down trends and always keep you business a perfect investment destination even in slowdowns. Our plans certainly work for you.

We , as a leading Debt Syndicator helps Organizations in arranging business loans.

We advise on and arrange financial solutions for corporate and businesses wishing to expand and promote their initiatives across all industries and geographical sectors. We achieve this by structuring and arranging debt facilities using our professional/technical expertise and extensive network of contacts among various banks, financial institutions and NBFCs

Our areas of expertise are:-  

Non FundFacilities 
Ø Letter of Credit  
Ø Bank Guarantee  

 Fund Based Facilities 
Ø  CashCredit/Overdraft limit    
Ø  Term Loan    
Ø  Packaging Credit Limit(PCL)  
Ø  Foreign Bill Purchase  (FBP  

We have long experience in suggesting a debt restructuring module to cut the outflow on account of interest. We suggest swap models and liaison with your lender for an effective debt restructuring that may prove life saving to your business.
 Benefits to the associates  

  • Predictable Financial Rewards: The Ascenders Outsourcing Channel Program recognizes a relationship partner’s value-addition.  It’s a program where in you can increase your earning source by enlarging the number of facilities under same umbrella.  
  • Incentives: The program provides the relationship partner the opportunity to register deals at any stage of the opportunity lifecycle, starting from an early engagement with the client and till the deal is matured. Deals are often extremely large in size so the financial rewards can be significant.  
  • Market Differentiation: The Ascenders Outsourcing Channel Program is designed to support the unique requirements of clients providing access to services expanding your area of expertise. Partners use their own brand/ efforts when making or clicking a deal whereas Ascender can add a support for maturity of the same.  
  • Our Service and Support: Ascenders offers a suite of services that facilitate and accelerate customer success and satisfaction. Ascenders will continue to work with its partners on long term basis to help ensure the right services are included in each task offered by channel partners. This helps partners lower the cost of owning and operating the network, improves their ability to respond to rapidly changing market conditions, and helps increase network availability as the customer receives a whole bunch of services under one head.