These services are provided through our channels. Estimate of the value of property, is usually required when a property is sold, financed, condemned, taxed, insured, or partitioned etc. An appraisal is not a determination of value. A real estate appraisal is a service performed, by an appraiser, who develops an opinion of the value of the property being valued based upon it’s best use. While doing the valuation, we try to assess the highest and best use within jurisdiction of legality, which produces the highest possible value for the property.

Purpose: Valuation of Property is done for various purposes like

Capital Gain, Ascertain Fair Market Value, Lease Rent, Rental, Mortgage, Loan, Auction, Loan – Recovery, Bank Guarantee, Ownership Value under legal disputes, Insurance.

Valuation of Real Estate

Residential, Commercial, Industrial Properties, Retail Space, ShoppingMalls, IT Parks, Petrol Pumps, Hotels & Resorts, Hospitals Institutional Properties


Valuation of Plant & Machinery

Automobile Plants, Ceramic industries, Engineering Plants, Steel plants, Metal smelters, Fertilizers, Telecom Assets.

Valuation of Specialized Assets

Software, Faireness opinions, Cost Investigation, Stock & Inventory valuation, Valuation of Securities.